Terms and Conditions

RULES & REGULATIONS: Following below and incorporated herein by reference are the “Rules and Regulations of Mountain Lake Marina and Campground”. Customer agrees to comply with all rules as stated. In the event of a violation of the Rules and Regulations by the Customer or Customer’s Guest(s), Mountain Lake may terminate this lease and remove Customer from their site at the Customer’s expense.


  1. Please observe QUIET TIME from 10:00 pm to 9:00 am. Be respectful of other guests. Please use discretion when playing music, televisions, operating vehicles of any kind so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance. Excessive complaints constitute cause for termination of this Lease Agreement. Customers are responsible for their guest.
  2. Children under twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied by an adult always.
  3. All garbage must be disposed of in designated dumpsters by customer. Do not leave garbage out overnight (It attracts critters; raccoons, opossums, coyotes, bears, mice, etc.)
  4. Keep your site and area around your site clean free of debris and garbage. No servicing vehicles on campsites or using outside clotheslines or tying anything to trees.
  5. All pets must be leashed and attended by owner. Owners must scoop after pets and dispose of refuse properly. Pets are not allowed in restaurant, Lodge, bathhouses or pool area. No bathing of pets in the showers at the bathhouse. All pets must be kept inside customer’s camper during owner’s absence. No aggressive breeds are allowed.
  6. ATV’s and golf carts are permitted in the campground but should be used appropriately. Cruising the campground constantly is prohibited. Loud ATV’s or dirt bikes are not allowed.
  7. Boats on trailers or boat trailers must be stored in the designated trailer storage area during your stay and are not allowed in the parking lots or on campsites.
  8. Use of a backflow device for water and a sewage donut are required by the Tennessee Health Department. A Water Pressure Regulator is recommended due to the high pressure of our system.
  9. Campfires are permitted only in designated fire rings/pits and must be attended at all times and may be prohibited due to weather conditions.
  10. Absolutely: NO FIREWORKS or FIREARMS on campsites or in the Marina area. INTOXICATION, PROFANITY and/or ABUSIVE LANGUAGE, FIGHTING, DISTURBING BEHAVIOR will not be tolerated and are grounds for a 911 call and all parties being removed from the property immediately and are grounds for this lease to be voided.
  11. Due to State & TVA regulations “Swimming, Fishing or Bathing is not permitted from any dock, launch ramp area, houseboat or floating home. “NO EXCEPTIONS”.
  12.  Observe a five (5) MPH speed limit throughout the campground. Watch for children always, especially in the areas around the playgrounds, basketball court and pool.
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